Shipping and Returns Policy


  1. Product delivery days are between Sundays and Thursdays, except Fridays, holiday eves and holidays, Saturdays and holidays.
  2. Products will be delivered within a few days from the date of ordering on the website (up to 7 business days for customers in Israel and up to 14 business days for customers from abroad).
  3. The operators of the site will not be responsible for delays in delivering products in the following cases: force majeure, salting, hostilities, emergencies, natural disasters, strike of the postal services, shutdown, communication system malfunctions, and due to any other reason beyond the site owners control.

Returns and cancellations

  1. A user who wishes to cancel a transaction after he has already completed the order on the website and before the product is sent to him, can do so via a telephone cancellation notice by phone: 053-431-4339. In such a situation the user will be credited with the purchase amount including the shipping fee.
  2. Customer wishing to cancel a transaction after having sent him Hmotzriha may cancel the transaction via return the product to the store and so within 14 days of receipt of the product over and provided that the product is returned with the original label and has not been any use, and in such case, the refund amount will be deducted 50 ₪ expenses for packing and shipping.
  3. A customer who has received a product and wants to replace it, can do so within 14 days of receiving the product.
  4. The product will be returned / replaced in its original packaging with the label on it and without it being used. A product that has been used and / or a defective product will not be allowed to be replaced and / or returned.
  5. Product return and / or replacement will be done by sending the product by mail to the store or bringing it by the customer to the store. If the customer wishes to return and / or exchange a product without arriving at the store or delivery by mail, but by courier of the site owners, the customer will have to pay the site owners 60 NIS for courier expenses that will reach the customer's home for replacement and / or return of the product.
  6. A refund for the return of a product will be made in accordance with the law and the means of payment from which the order was made. The refund will be made on the same terms of the original transaction (a transaction made in installments will be credited in several matching installments, and a transaction that was charged in a single payment will be credited in one payment). Any refund / credit requires and requires presentation of the purchase invoice.
  7. Products purchased as part of promotions and / or end of season, can be returned / replaced by the customer within 48 hours of receipt. For the avoidance of doubt stated in this section is subject to the other provisions of this policy regarding cancellations and returns.
  8. It is clarified that according to section 6 (9) of the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Transaction) Regulations, 2010 regarding the restriction of the right of cancellation and in light of the guidelines of the Ministry of Health – lingerie including lingerie – cannot be returned and / or replaced and no refund will be given Therefore, the provisions of sections 20-25 above do not apply to these products. In such a case, it is not possible to receive a monetary credit but an identical product after the change of measure and / or the option to use the amount that was paid by the customer on the website at the time of purchase, less shipping fees paid by the customer.